Selecting a Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

Connecticut divorces run the gamut from super-simple uncontested divorces to knock-down, drag-out court battles. The kind of divorce you want to get still does not really change the fact that you should get the advice of a Connecticut divorce lawyer. Only a lawyer will know your full set of rights under Connecticut divorce laws.
Even if you have no money to pay an attorney to handle your divorce, it is still possible to glean information from free consultations. At least you will have the peace of mind that comes from a lawyer’s advice on your trial strategy. You can often get this kind of information for free if you go to a consultation armed with the proper information.

To prepare yourself to start meeting lawyers in your area, get all relevant information together to present at the consultations. Everything related to household finances, including incomes of both you and your spouse and assets acquired both before and after the marriage. If you have children, then any hopes or desires you have relative to child support or child custody should also be discussed. CT divorce lawyers can litigate these children issues at the the divorce hearings.

You also want to start thinking about what you want to achieve during this divorce. So many times, people get to focusing on getting even or trying to make the other party look bad. But if you have children together, you cannot expect to get sole custody unless your spouse has done something to harm the children. So also think about the long-term potential effects of a divorce if you are thinking of trying to play hardball.

Probably the most important things are to find a lawyer who has a willingness to help you get what you want but within the pre-defined budget constraints that you set for the entire divorce. Come right out during negotiations and say you absolutely cannot spend more than the maximum price for legal fees that you set.

There is not much sense in selecting a Connecticut divorce lawyer unless the two of you can agree on the cost of the representation. So get this in writing before you hire an attorney.

Get all of the relevant information and then use the links in the Resources below to start finding CT divorce lawyers. Make a list and contact the ones in your city or county. Get as much free advice as possible and hire a lawyer only if what you have to gain is worth the price a lawyer agrees to pay.


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