How to Select an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer

Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer

Oklahoma divorces can be done either uncontested (generally without an attorney) or contested with or without a lawyer. Of course, if there are big issues in dispute that the parties cannot resolve, that increases the need for an Oklahoma divorce lawyer to navigate the pitfalls of complex state divorce laws and court procedures.
Whether you choose to get a lawyer or not to get a divorce in Oklahoma, a good starting point is to at least consult with a lawyer about the big issues and concerns surrounding your divorce. Important things to consider are your reasons for getting a divorce and what you expect to gain from this situation.

An example would be child custody. Occasionally, parents have big disagreements about how to raise a child. Most parents would consider this issue far more important than merely who is getting the house or how much someone can get in alimony. If it is vital in your mind that you get custody of the kids, that may be worth getting an Oklahoma divorce lawyer even if you have trouble paying your legal fees.

Sometimes, if you press hard enough on a lawyer during negotiations, you can get a special fee structure. The more important and urgent the matter is, the more likely you can get at least some temporary legal help from a lawyer.

Even if you are wealthy, legal fees can become astronomical if you do not keep your attorney on a tight leash. Have an agreement in writing that your lawyer must give regular updates of all legal fees accrued up to that point. You can even set a specific amount over which the attorney is not allowed to bill.

To find the right divorce attorney, consider how well you get along with and communicate with the lawyer. Remember that communication is a two-way street. To get good communication, you need to give it, as well. Comply with all requests for information and anything else the lawyer needs to help you in your divorce case.

It is easy nowadays to find OK divorce lawyers in your area. Use the website links below to visit databases of Oklahoma family law attorneys. For FindLaw, just select your Oklahoma county or local city name. For the StateAttorneys website, click on your county name to find the list of lawyer specialties. You will find a “Divorce” link on that page to access a list of attorneys in your OK county.


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