How to Pick an Arkansas Divorce Lawyer

Arkansas Divorce Lawyer

Trying to get through a tough divorce without an Arkansas lawyer can be like fighting a wild razorback with your bare hands. Divorce attorneys have the requisite knowledge of Arkansas divorce laws and the life experience to advise and assist you on issues related to court filings, division of property, divorce-related support issues and child custody matters.
All parties who are or anticipate filing or being served divorce papers should first learn how to hunt down Arkansas divorce lawyers for consultations. If an attorney is needed, the parties should then know how to assess a lawyer and negotiate for the best deal under the circumstances of each case.

To find attorneys in your area, go to the Resources links below. The first one is for FindLaw, a site that has legal resources, including lists of lawyers throughout the United States based on specialties. Pick your city or county name on the list and then look at the list to find local attorneys. Similarly, StateLawyers provides specialty-based lists of attorneys in the United States, including Arkansas divorce lawyers. Click on your county and select the “Divorce” specialty to find local attorneys.

Another way to hunt down local attorneys is by using the county bar association. Not all counties necessarily have one of these, but those that do will either provide you a list of divorce attorneys in your Arkansas county or use a lawyer referral service to hook you up with a lawyer. Note that some of these services may charge a consultation fee, whereas you generally do not pay a fee if finding a lawyer on your own.

When you do call and then meet up with these lawyers, be honest from the outset about what you want to accomplish through your divorce and the finances you have to pay for it. Some lawyers may actually decline your offer, as lawyers and law firms do charge different rates and have different preferences.

So what you are trying to do is find an Arkansas divorce lawyer that wants to do the type and amount of work you request for the amount of money that you offer. This could be difficult if you are lowballing your offer. In the end, only you can decide whether what you will receive from getting a lawyer is worth the price you have to pay.


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