How to Select a West Virginia Divorce Lawyer

West Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Walking into a divorce without a lawyer sometimes feels like walking into a West Virginia coal mine without a gas mask. Divorce laws are quite complex, and using them to your advantage takes years of trial practice and experience. This is the value of getting a West Virginia divorce lawyer.
While not all people can afford a lawyer for their divorce, everyone can at least contact some local attorneys for a free divorce consultation. And if you do decide that you need and can afford an attorney, then you should learn some basic tips about how to find the right lawyer for your WV divorce case.

First, you should compile divorce-related information that you might be able to use in court. In addition to information about the private aspects of your relationship, all financial matters can become relevant. This includes income, premarital assets and marital assets.

The other big area you need to be thinking about is parenting. In West Virginia divorce cases, the judge can decide child support, child custody and parenting time. Indeed, this is one of the most hotly contested areas in contested divorce cases. Get all of this information into a file before you start consulting with attorneys.

Now that you are armed with the right information, look for the website links in the Resources section to find sites that have lists of West Virginia divorce lawyers. Both sites list the attorneys by county, and FindLaw also lists them by city. You want to find a local lawyer where you live because family law attorneys in your area will know how to navigate the local court system.

When speaking to lawyers or negotiating a representation agreement, go with a lawyer who seems to care about your concerns. Some divorce lawyers treat you more like a number than a real person. If you are going to be uncomfortable around an attorney, then go ahead and find another one.

Legal fees vary from lawyer to lawyer and even client to client for the same divorce lawyer. Those with more money naturally end up getting more services, which can get way too expensive for the average West Virginian. So the last thing you need to do is establish a plan for paying your divorce attorney.

This means you may have to pick and choose what you want your lawyer to do, as doing everything possible in a contested divorce suit can be overly expensive. Most of all, remember that you are the boss, so pick a lawyer who is willing to abide by your wishes as to the scope of representation and budget that you set (within reason).


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